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YIKES! Top Florida Democrat Indicted By Feds, Charged With Campaign Fraud Despite DeSantis Defeating Him in 2018 Governor Election!

Florida’s top Democrat, and former opponent to then-Representative Ron DeSantis, Andrew Gillum has been hit with a 21-count federal indictment for fundraising fraud and other raps, officials said on Wednesday.

Aside from being famous for losing against Governor DeSantis, Gillum is also known for being caught in a hotel room with drugs and a male escort.

Gillum, who ran against Ron DeSantis in 2018 in Florida’s Gubernatorial race, allegedly conspired with his mentor, Sharon Lettman-Hicks, and rerouted campaign funds for his personal use, according to federal prosecutors.

Lettman-Hicks was also indicted in this case, for helping divert campaign funds to a private company that she controlled and making it look like it was payroll to Gillum.

Gillum is also a former Tallahassee mayor and a former Tallahassee city commissioner. He asserted his innocence ahead of a court appearance.

“Every campaign I’ve run has been done with integrity,” he said in a statement. “Make no mistake that this case is not legal, it is political. Throughout my career I have always stood up for the people of Florida and have spoken truth to power. There’s been a target on my back ever since I was the mayor of Tallahassee. They found nothing then, and I have full confidence that my legal team will prove my innocence now.” He said.

Gillum, who was famously caught with an overdosed male prostitute in his South Beach hotel room in 2020, came out as bisexual after this incident got public. At the time, he was married with three children.

Marc Elias, Gillum’s attorney still claims that his client is innocent.

“The government got it wrong today,” Gillum’s legal team told NBC. “The evidence in this case is clear and will show that Mr. Gillum is innocent of all charges. We look forward to putting this case to rest and giving Andrew and his family peace of mind once and for all.” He added.

According to federal prosecutors, Gillum could face up to 20 years in prison for the top counts against him. He will appear in court today.

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