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YIKES! Republican Elise Stefanik EVISCERATES the Biden Administration’s Handling of the Baby Formula Shortage; “This is a Much Larger Scandal Than People Realize”

Republican Representative of New York Elise Stefanik recently released a statement chastising the Biden administration’s handling of the baby formula shortage that is plaguing the nation blaming them for not getting to the situation quick enough.

Amidst a national baby formula shortage that is causing families to look every which way for their infant’s nourishment, Breitbart reported Rep. Stefanik saying, “This should have been caught earlier on, and Republicans, including my office, was sounding the alarm about this crisis back in February when there was an announcement that the Abbott plant in Sturgis, Michigan, was shut down.”

Stefanik went on to say, “We now know from the CEO of Abbott that the FDA slow walked their approval to reopening that,” she continued to accuse Joe Biden of “putting out false information trying to cover up for their failures to identify where we were going to get supplies.”

The country is suffering but Stefanik says, “They’ve done everything they could not to talk about this crisis. That’s how out of touch they are. They laughed about it.” She continued saying, “That was the first public sound coming out of this administration was the newly appointed press secretary was laughing about not knowing who is responsible for baby formula.”

The Biden administration got to the shortage late and Stefanik said that, “It was only because that press conference that Joe Biden had to scramble and that day changed his schedule to set up a call with formula manufacturers to try to show any semblance of competency which is you know, far out the door for this administration. There is no plan from the Democrats.”

While the administration has recently made their efforts to increase the supply of baby formula public, Stefanik said “I think this is a much larger scandal than people realize.”

As the seriousness of this shortage grows, the country is desperate for the Biden administration to take the necessary actions to remedy the problem. A big ask given the reputation they have created in the past two years. 

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