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YIKES! North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn Suffers SHOCKING Defeat in the Republican Primary, Won’t Be On the Ballot in November

The current Republican Representative of North Carolina Madison Cawthorn has lost the Republican primary to North Carolina state Senator Chuck Edwards.

The Republican primary in North Carolina has been a high profile race and after today’s voting state Senator Chuck Edwards has a definitive lead over Rep. Madison Cawthorn. 

It was reported by WRAL News that 269 of the 275 precincts in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District show Edwards having 33% of the vote to Cawthorn’s 31%, leading the race by about 1,600 votes. Of the other six candidates none reached 10% of the votes. 

In a statement made Tuesday night Edwards said, “This is simply incredible. Against all odds, we fought hard to win this election and provide clear conservative leadership for the mountains.” Edwards continued saying, “My campaign has been about staying true to mountain values and delivering real results for Western North Carolina, and that is exactly what I intend to do.” One of Edward’s taglines used during his now victorious campaign was, “Always for the mountains,” a jab at Cawthorn for moving from the area.

After Cawthorn’s recent rise in the Republican party he has lost his seat following a string of well known controversies and a fierce intraparty opposition from Edwards. Although Cawthorn retained the support of former President Donald Trump amidst his scandals, the 26 year-old failed to retain his position. Prior to the primary election Cawthorn stated that he deserved a “second chance” despite making “foolish mistakes” in the past. 

Edwards victory is a significant win for the old guard Republicans of North Carolina and Washington D.C. who have been at ends with Cawthorn given his recent political and personal mishaps. 

Now Edwards will face the Democratic primary nominee in Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, a Christian minister and organizer, for the House seat that oversees the largely Republican working class area of North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.

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