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YIKES! Michigan Police Department Forced To Ignore 911 Calls Because Of All-Time High Gas Prices Under the Biden Administration!

Thanks to Joe Biden’s Bring Back Better spending initiative, inflation and gas prices are breaking historical records every day. Middle-Class families and everyday Americans are experiencing a financial crisis because of rising gas and food prices.

Recently, a Michigan police department has announced that will be now unable to respond to 911 calls in person and would have to offer on-call solutions as they have “blown through their fuel budget”

Isabella County Sheriff’s Office from Michigan says that certain “non-emergency” 911 calls would have to be taken and resolved on phone rather than in-person.

“Isabella County Sheriff’s Office is feeling the pain at the pump as well,” Sheriff Michael Main said in a statement. “We have exhausted what funds that were budgeted for fuel with several months to go before the budget reset.” He added.

“I have instructed the deputies to attempt to manage whatever calls are acceptable over the phone. This would be non-in-progress calls, non-life-threatening calls, calls that do not require evidence collection or documentation,” he wrote in this statement.

According to ABC News, the national average for gas surpassed $5 a gallon on Thursday and for the past 7 days, gas prices have reached a record high in Michigan. Last week on Monday, a local news outlet, Detroit News reported gas prices rising by 44 cents earlier this month in the state of Michigan.

“I want to assure the community that safety is our primary goal, and we will continue to respond to those types of calls,” Sheriff Main continued.

This comes as violent crimes are rising across the country, especially in Democrat-controlled states and counties as radical left Democrat leaders are consistently promoting the Defund The Police movement.

Just last year, the state’s Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer who was controversial for using the police force to enforce tyrannical and unconstitutional lockdown rules, supported BLM’s radical Defund The Police movement claiming that “the spirit of it, I do support that spirit,” and that if state budgets are properly allocated to various community services such as education and public transit, “you don’t need all the money going to the police departments.”

But just months after crime rates saw a drastic increase, she quickly backtracked and started pushing the Michigan Legislature to appropriate $75 million in federal funds to hire more police officers, increase their pay, and fund programs to fight a surge in violent crime across the state.

What do you make of this decision by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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