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YIKES! Former Hillary Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussman Exposed For “Lying Under Oath” To The FBI, Shows the Russia Hoax Was Created by the Clinton Administration!

It was recently brought to light by Newsmax that Michael Sussman, a former 2016 Hilary Clinton campaign lawyer, lied to the FBI about working with the Democratic National Committee.

Sussman is currently on federal trial in Washington D.C. for lying to the FBI about his involvement in the dissemination of false information regarding the Trump Russia collusion hoax. 

Text messages between Sussman and James Baker, a former justice who served on the FBI’s general counsel show Sussman saying, “He is just a good Samaritan, I want to come in Not on behalf of any client, but I have some important information to tell you.” However, during an investigation in 2017 Sussman stated that he was indeed working on behalf of a client, the complete opposite of what the text messages reflect.

During an interview between Newsmax’s Greg Kelly and Devin Nunes, the current CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group, Nunes laid out his findings about Sussman’s involvement to a special counsel that was a part of John Durham’s probe into the origins of the 2017 Mueller investigation. 

Nunes stated that, “Durham had used Sussman’s contradicting alibis to indict him for lying or lying to agencies altogether,” he continued saying “The good thing in all of this is that there has been a lot coming out over the last two weeks and there’s more to come when it comes down to lying under oath and maybe even a little bit more when it comes to indictments”

Greg Kelly had an interesting take on the situation as he posed the question, “Why didn’t Robert Mueller find out about this? Mueller was working on that for two years and didn’t put his findings out until 2018.” Nunes responded saying, “Greg if you go to not look for something chances are you’re not going to find it.”

As more and more information is released regarding the origins of the false Trump Russia collusion story, we will see just how far the Clinton campaign team went to smear former President Donald Trump.

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