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BREAKING! Federal Prosecutors Announce Verdict in Ghislaine Maxwell-Jeffrey Epstein Trial, Says She Had An “Instrumental Role in the Horrific Sexual Abuse of Multiple Young Teenage Girls”

In December, Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of five federal sex trafficking charges related to her involvement in the disgraceful actions of Jeffrey Epstein. Federal prosecutors are now saying that Maxwell should be sentenced to a minimum of 30 years and up to 55 years for her horrific crimes.

CBS News reported that “In the memorandum filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, prosecutors wrote Maxwell, a British socialite, enjoyed “a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege” while engaging in a “disturbing agreement” with financier Jeffrey Epstein.”

In the sentencing memo prosecutors said that “Instead of showing even a hint of acceptance of responsibility, the defendant makes a desperate attempt to cast blame wherever else she can.” The memo continued saying Maxwell’s attempts to “cast aspersions on the Government for prosecuting her, and her claim that she is being held responsible for Epstein’s crimes, are both absurd and offensive.”

In the prosecutors memo they wrote that Maxwell reported having almost no assets but had told the court in bail applications that she had $22 million. When discussing the fine in the memo prosecutors described Maxwell as a multi-millionaire and that she should pay $750,000, the maximum total allowable fine. 

Maxwell’s lawyers filed a sentencing memorandum that argued Maxwell should receive a sentence below the 20 years that was recommended by the probation department. As well they argued that Maxwell shouldn’t be sentenced as a substitute for Epstein stating that “It would be a travesty of justice for her to face a sentence that would have been appropriate for Epstein.”

In a separate document Maxwell’s lawyers argued that the correct sentencing for her crime should be between 51 and 63 months, or just under six years. 

The crimes Maxwell committed working for the disgraced Jeffrey Epstein are horrific and it is hopeful that federal prosecutors don’t budge given the attempts of Maxwell’s lawyers.

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