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YIKES!: Democrat ‘Star Witness’ In 1/6 Hearing Debunks Another Hoax- “Someone in Authority Left the Door Open And Allowed The Mob To Walk In’’

As the January 6th, Select Committee continues its charade of constant fear-mongering and with the help of their collaborators in the liberal media industrial complex, literally produce a televised congressional hearing to set a narrative, new truths that were previously hidden and classified are coming out every day.

Earlier this week, an official Capitol Police record revealed that President Trump offered National Guard troops to protect the Capitol building four days before January 6th and this offer was rejected by Pelosi and other Democrats.

Read more about this in our coverage: New Report Reveals Trump Offered National Guard Troops At The Capitol Four Days Before January 6th Protests!

Today, another key evidence from this “primetime” hearing was revealed recently, one that every logical person already knew, but the claim was consistently rejected and mocked by the Democrats and their partners in the mainstream media.

Nick Quested, a British filmmaker who followed the Proud boys in early January, leading days of the 1/6 protests was the Democrats’ star witness in this primetime hearing. Democrats were expecting to get revelations that would further smear the proud boys. But Quested testified that “someone in authority left the door open” at the Capitol building.

In a now-deleted social media post, Quested wrote:

“The proud boys were organized and together. How many police were there at 11.22am on the steps of the capital. I count 1. This is a a deliberate act. Someone in authority left the door open and the mob walked in. #maga #riot #capitol #sedition, #senate #congress this is the first time I hear #fightfortrump. Where does it go now?”

Quested has testified multiple times and has appeared before the House Select Committee for at least seven hours in closed-door hearings that are classified as of publishing this article.

Quested and his team have reportedly obtained video recordings of meetings between Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and *Oath Keepers* founder Stewart Rhodes. The two non-profit organizations will be heavily focused on and likely smeared during these primetime hearings.

What do you make of Nick Quested’s revelations? Claims that were previously dismissed and mocked by the Dems and mainstream media are finally being proved in the public hearings. Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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