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MUST WATCH! Conservative Country Singer Leads Crowd In Legendary ‘FJB’ Chant At Concert In Joe Biden’s Hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania!

Country music star Aaron Lewis held a concert in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Where President Joe Biden claims his hometown. The singer led the crowd in the famous chant: f*** Joe Biden!

Lewis would have a message for fans between songs at the concert and heard the crowd trying to start the chant. The singer is not a big fan of Joe Biden himself. Instead of ignoring his fans, he led them in the famous chant heard in nationwide venues.

On his show, Louder with Crowder, Steven Crowder said, “ Aaron Lewis made news this year with his #1 hit “Am I the Only One.” Leftists tried getting him canceled because the lyrics didn’t praise the glory of socialism.”

He continued, “Those leftists failed at doing so. Lewis joins cats like John Ondrasik (of Five for Fighting Fame) as mainstream artists who are willing to speak out about how terrible Joe Biden is at being President.”

Crowder points out that when leftists assemble a cancel campaign against someone who has done nothing wrong except speak their mind, they tend to become more popular among the American people.

It’s no secret that the FJB chants are not trending as hot as they used to be. But, some humor for the American people as the President is, without a doubt dragging this country to the worst position than we were in when Joe Biden entered office.

The President isn’t’ worried about offending the opposition party and recently said, “Let me tell you about this ultra MAGA agenda. It’s extreme, as most MAGA things are.”

The credibility of the Joe Biden administration has gone into shambles. No one believes their lies, the administration should lay off politics and find real-world solutions for hard-working patriots.

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