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YIKES! CNN Has Worst Weekend Since 2000 Among Key Demo, “Reliable Sources” Gets Beat By “Spongebob”

CNN consistent decline in viewers has taking a major toll on the company as they continue to clean house.

According to Fox News, “Americans largely avoided CNN during Father’s Day weekend as the network continued to hemorrhage support from the demographic most coveted by advertisers.

CNN managed only 67,00 average viewers between ages 25-54 from June 18-19 for its smallest weekend audience since 2000 in the category that pays the bills It wast the networks third worst performance in the critical demo during a weekend since 1993.

It was also the network’s smallest audience on a Saturday amon the demo since October 1993 when only 58,000 tuned in, and only the second time that CNN delivered under 60,000 demo viewers on a Saturday in 29 years.”

Jeff Zucker has resigned over relationship with a colleague, CNN new executives are looking at options to help the company perform better in order to actually have a profitable news network.

Among the CNN personalities that still exist is Brian Stelter who hosts the weekend show “Reliable Sources,” has taken a vast decline in viewership.

According to an inside source at CNN, “people still feel the Zucker atmosphere with people like Stelter still having a show.”

Fox News reported, “the show averaged only 421,000 total viewers and a mere 56,000 among the demo. It was the smallest audience for “Reliable Sources” since December 27, 2015, among total viewers and the smallest since December 29, 2013, among the demo.”

Stelter still has the green light to spit his opinions every weekend among his left wing echo chamber that seems to never collapse on him.

“He was a fattish but active man of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecile enthusiasms – oen of those completely unquestioning, devoted drudges on whom, more even than on the Thought Police, the stability of the Party depended,” George Orwell “1984.”

The eunuch like representation that is on display at CNN is quite profound in the similarity of characteristics Brian shares his devotion to the party by spreading their lies in the name of truth and science.

Re-runs of old American classics like “The Office,” “Family Matters,” “Family Guy,” and “Roseanne,” attracted more viewers, including youth shows “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Peppa Pig”

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