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Yikes! CNN Begins Laying Off CNN+ Staffers Following Shutdown; Leadership is in Disarray

The leftist media network CNN has reported that they are considering a major change in their programming and network personalities as ratings have been bombing.

In the recent months none of CNN’s regularly aired shows averaged even a million unique viewers per episode. The network’s viewership has seen a steady decline since Donald Trump left office, but the numbers last month were low enough to spark major changes to the organization.

Fox News reported on the situation stating:

The only thing spookier than Halloween for CNN is the network’s free falling viewership. During the month of October, nearly every single program failed to average 1 million viewers, according to Nielsen data. This marks historic lows for the so-called “most trusted name in news.

The only two exceptions during the 31 days were the 90-minute Biden town hall, which still came in third place behind Fox News and MSNBC averaging only 1.2 million viewers, and the 30-minute “Cuomo Prime Time” that aired immediately after with 1.1 million.

CNN averaged a devastating 480,000 in total day viewership in October, a whopping 76% drop from January amid the chaotic transition from President Trump to President Biden. Fox News averaged 1.4 million and maintained its total day viewership from earlier this year while MSNBC averaged 657,000 viewers in October, resulting in a 61% drop from January. The network lost 14% of its viewers from September.

Now, the first ever 24-hour cable news network is going back to their roots as a Zero Hedge article stated, “CNN is going to revert to a 100% news channel, and a “good number” of CNN’s “talent/staff” will be fired as part of a major shakeup.”

Since January CNN has seen a 78% decline in viewership amassing only 733,000 viewers on average during prime-time weekday hours. 

As the organization plans to make significant changes to their personnel it will be interesting to see how it affects their ratings and viewership in the next few months. 

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