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SHOCKING: Washington School Board Enacts Racist Disciplinary Policy, White Students Get Harsher Punishment

On March 14th, a Washington school board approved a policy to implement “culturally responsive discipline” on students. Schools will now be required to consider the race and background of a student when assigning discipline.

Board members suggest consequences will be inconsistent for similar violations. The board attempts to provide support instead of discipline in specific cases, as stated in policy;

“Exclusionary as well as positive and supportive forms of discipline.” The objective is to keep students in the classroom, but this fails to explain the inclusion of “culturally responsive discipline.” as two board members continually pointed out.

The vote between the board members was a 3-2 split in favor of implementing this “culturally responsive discipline.” The two board members who voted against this ruling had many complaints and compelling arguments.

Board member Paul Wagemann rejected this concept, he stated;

“Let’s say we both commit the same offense,” Wagemann explained. “Then the question should be what are the consequences of that offense? And how do we go through that process? That’s how I see it. And to be fair, if we both did the same thing, we should get the same consequence, the way I see it.”

The argument he outlined is simple, why should race and background affect the consequences for any specific conduct. He pointed out that everyone should have equality when he said;

“I think that’s how most children on the playground like to see it. Most of us, as citizens in our community, like to see it that way. That it’s equal.”

With the implementation of critical race theory in Washington State this district may be the first of many to use policies like one. 

This story will be updated as the situation develops.

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