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HUGE REPUBLICAN WIN: Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin proposes changing tax law to help reduce gas prices

Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin proposed on Wednesday that the divided state legislature halt the state gas tax for three months in order to help struggling Virginian families save some money at the gas pump.

At an appearance at a Richmond gas station, Youngkin said eliminating the gas tax for a while would save Virginians about 26 cents a gallon on gas, amid rising inflation that has made the cost of living increase across the board. The current state gas tax sits at 26.2 cents a gallon of regular fuel and 27 cents a gallon of diesel.

While it remains unclear whether the measure will be put to a vote in the legislature, if the state were to temporarily suspend its gas tax the tax would be eliminated in May, June and July and would be slowly reintroduced in August and September.

Several other states are exploring the possibility of suspending their gas taxes amid record high gas prices across the country.

Opponents of the governor’s idea say the gas tax being suspended will not make enough of a difference in the everyday lives of Virginians, and should be kept in place.

“Gas taxes are only about one-eighth of the overall cost of gasoline these days. So, these gas tax suspensions won’t make a lot of difference to motorists,” said Cato Institute gas expert Chris Edwards.

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