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[VIDEO]: Kari Lake Unleashes “Operation 2000 Mules” After Newsmax Refuses to Talk About The Movie in Must Watch Clip!

Conservative commentator and activist Dinesh D’Souza released an investigative documentary film “2000 Mules” that received widespread support from both sides of the political aisle.

The documentary that was premiered this week, received widespread support from officials and experts on both sides of the political aisle. The film is based on a bipartisan independent investigation that was conducted into the irregularities in the 2020 Presidential election where Joe Biden allegedly won and became the “most voted President in the history of The United States”

“If we can have geo-tracking when it comes to January 6th, and come to peoples’ homes who were holding a sign outside of the Capitol and interview them–have the FBI interview them … then I certainly think we can use that same technology to look at people who may have been harvesting ballots illegally and possibly, potentially even paid to do so by non-profit organizations.” A part of this documentary film states.

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Despite the large amount of support that this movie is getting, many established conservative media publications are refusing to cover this movie and its investigative findings, along with any claims of voter fraud in the 2020 elections.

Several infamous “fact checkers” on the other side have already labeled this investigation as “false information” as they do with all dissenting views towards the Biden regime. But all these “fact checks” and outrage expressed by political hacks in the liberal media industrial complex have only helped increase the popularity of the film, and many everyday Americans, from both sides of political ideology, have expressed interest in the investigation and the documentary.

Trump endorsed Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is, however, not letting conservative media outlets censor this topic. In her latest interview with Newsmax, Lake torched the host and redirected the conversation to the investigation of this documentary leaving host, Rob Schmitt speechless.

“The Left will do anything to distract America from @DineshDSouza’s 2000 Miles movie. — Do not stop talking about it. If networks don’t want to cover it, force them to. Send it to everyone you know. This is black & white proof that cannot be refuted. Next, we need 2000 Arrests.” She later remarked on Twitter sharing the video of her Newsmax appearance that received praise from her Republican supporters who are tired of censorship in the conservative media space.

What do you make of Kari Lake’s attempt to bring light to this conversation, and break corporate media’s censorship attempts? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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