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Former Trump Staffer Steve Bannon just predicted that Joe Biden will be IMPEACHED in November due to Southern Border Crisis

Conservative show-host and former Trump consultant Steve Bannon predicted on the podcast “The Truth With Lisa Boothe” that President Joe Biden will soon be impeached over inflation, immigration issues, and his son, Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

“I strongly believe Biden will be impeached by the House after thorough investigation,” Bannon said.

“Not like they tried to do with President Trump,” Bannon added.

“I think the first article will be his initiation and exacerbation of the invasion on the Southern border. I think the Hunter Biden laptop will be another, all the aspects of that. And I think Fauci and what they knew about Fauci, CDC, FDA with health from the American people will be the third,” Bannon continued.

“And I do believe that Joe Biden will be impeached,” Bannon said.

“But I do believe that Biden will be impeached after a thorough and complete investigation, not this political operation that the Democrats did,” Bannon added.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz said in January of this year, that Biden will be impeached if Republicans take back the House of Representatives this year in the midterm elections.

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