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The ‘Emergency Phase of COVID-19 is Over’: Doctors Send Powerful Message to CDC & FDA to Stop Targeting Kids with Vaccine

On Tuesday, an organization called the urgency of normal wrote a letter to CDC directors and coordinators to share their belief that the COVID vaccine focus should no longer be on children. This letter was written by 29 doctors and co-signed by 46 parental organizations who demand the end of child forced vaccinations and pushing that agenda.

The letter started saying “We strongly urge you to revise the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines with regards to testing, isolation, and vaccine recommendations for children to ensure that public health policies are not doing more harm than good.”

The doctors then went on to explain that many places around the world have shared the worries of unintended consequences on the youth as unnecessary.Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, British Columbia and elsewhere have recommended an end to routine screening testing and mandatory isolation periods for children. Most have also eliminated any COVID-19 vaccine requirements for children to fully participate in public life.”

“Our nation’s children suffered tremendous learning loss as a result of prolonged school closures and are battling a well-documented mental health crisis, and ongoing COVID-19 testing and isolation periods are causing additional harm,” the letter continued.

The then letter turned to suggesting alternatives rather than just criticizing current policies. The doctors suggest a test-to-treat approach “With the goal of identifying and treating only those at highest risk (immunocompromised children with complex medical conditions such as cancer) while avoiding disruptions to those at low risk of serious illness.”

Attention then turned to the end of vaccine mandates: “Such requirements exclude unvaccinated children or those not boosted from important opportunities. Data from American colleges (UCI, UCLA, Cornell, Stanford, Harvard) and around the world (United Kingdom, Iceland) clearly show that COVID-19 vaccines do not stop acquisition nor transmission of the virus. Vaccines and boosters can be offered based on individual health considerations, but should never be used to exclude children from school or social activities.”

The doctors then had a defiant conclusion stating importantly “The emergency phase of COVID-19 is over.”

“The emergency phase of COVID-19 is over. We call upon the CDC to update current guidelines to reflect the era of endemic management in which COVID-19 infections are treated similarly to other seasonal respiratory viruses, which do not require routine testing or isolation. 

It is time to join our peer countries in recognizing the importance of restoring equitable and maximal access to education, sports, and social connectedness for all children. Their health and well-being depend on it.”

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