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The 2nd Amendment Prevails as a Thug Robber was Shot Dead by a Gun Shop Employee who “Felt in Fear of Their Safety”

A suspect armed with a gun was shot and killed by an employee after attempting to rob two businesses according to the Houston Police Department.

Click 2 Houston reported, before the man entered the gun shop, witnesses told police he entered a Suit Mart next door and tried to steal some items. “The guy looked like he was a homeless person,” said witness Marcus Fomby. “Basically, they told him to just let go of the jeans or we’ll call the police.”

Leaving the Suit Mart empty-handed, police said the man then entered the gun shop with a sharp object, opened the cash register and stole the money. The employee told officers he shot the suspect in self-defense as the suspect was leaving the business.

“Once he went there [the gun shop], he actually went behind the counter [and] started ruffling through the cash register,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said. “He was confronted by one of the employees, at that point, one of the employees felt in fear of their safety and fired two shots, at least one struck.”

Witnesses said the man stumbled into the parking lot where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died, HPD said.

This event happened in the wake of The House of Representatives on Friday passing the most sweeping gun control bill in nearly 30 years in a 234 -193 vote as Congress responds to gun violence across the nation.

Republican leaders use these events as an example to protect 2nd amendment rights from being fully taken away. The new legislation adds red flags to certain individuals who register to purchase a weapon but many lawmakers fear this is a stepping stone to more intrusive gun laws.

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene shared this sentiment after the bill passed when she said in a statement. “Soon the only safe place for gun owners will be Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties with good sheriffs. Thanks to Senate Republicans.”

The legislation heads to President Joe Biden, who is expected to quickly sign it into law.

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