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Senator Ted Cruz CONFRONTS FBI Official Point Blank About Feds’ Role in January 6- Her Response is Shocking

As the January 6th, Select Committee continues its primetime show trial with the help of a former ABC producer, and the mainstream media continues to broadcast the propaganda unfiltered amid record-breaking inflation, border crisis, and Biden’s constant attempts to get the United States in a hot war with Russia, we want to highlight one of the most underrated moments from a Jan 6th Senate hearing from early January.

This moment was swept under the rug thanks to our friends in the mainstream media, who very conveniently ignored what we consider some of the most concerning moments of the January 6th investigation.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing in early January this year, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz confronted the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch of the FBI, Jill Sanborn about the involvement of the FBI in the 1/6 capitol protests.

“How many FBI agents or confidential informations actively participated in the events of January 6?” Senator Cruz asked Sanborn, who declined to answer, claiming that she could not get into “sources and methods.”

Sen. Cruz then followed up by asking if any federal agents or informants committed acts of violence on 1/6 or actively encouraged and/or incited crimes of violence. The question went unanswered as well.

Then Sen. Cruz brought up Ray Epps, the alleged federal agent who is famously seen inciting a group of Trump supporters to break into the Capitol building. Many people in that group called out Epps by chanting “fed, fed, fed”

“On the night of January 5, 2021, Epps wandered around the crowd that had gathered, and there’s video of him out there chanting ‘tomorrow, we need to get into the Capitol.’ This was strange behavior,” Cruz said, “so strange that the crowd began chanting ‘fed fed fed.'” “Was Ray Epps a fed?” Cruz asked.

Sanborn again declined to answer.

“Shortly thereafter, the FBI put out a public post listing, seeking information on individuals connected with violent crimes on January 6. Among those individuals… is Mr. Reps. The FBI publicly asked for information, identifying, and offering cash rewards leading to information leading to the arrest. Sen. Cruz added. “This was posted and then sometime later, magically, Mr. Epps just disappeared from the public posting, according to public records, Mr. Epps has not been charged with anything. No one’s explained why a person videoed urging people to go to the Capitol, a person whose conduct was so suspect the crowd believed he was a fed would magically disappear from the list of people the FBI was looking at.” He continued.

“Miss Sanborn, A lot of Americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately encouraged illegal unlawful conduct on January 6. My question to you, and this is not an ordinary law enforcement question, this is a question of public accountability. Did federal agents are those in service of federal agent actively encouraged violent and criminal conduct on January sixth?” He asked Sanborn

And was again met with a similar response, “Not to my knowledge, sir,” Sanborn replied.

Watch the full exchange of Senator Cruz and Jill Sanborn below:

What do you make of this exchange, that is getting swept under the rug by our fast-paced news environment? And the lack of transparency by the FBI and the Department Of Justice? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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