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SHOCKING: ‘The View’ Host Joy Behar Claims With No Fact-Based Evidence, That Voting Rights Are Being Stripped From Black People

On Monday, Host of “The View”, Joy Behar claimed Monday that Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the end of slavery, was a good day to remember that Black Americans’ voting rights were being “systematically” stripped away.

“We should be aware on a day like this that voting rights are being systematically taken away from African Americans and other people too in this country,” said Behar. “It’s a good day to reflect on that, I think.”

Behar elaborated on Juneteenth importance by admitting she was not well versed in the American education system. “Well, I didn’t know about it either. I mean, I confess I was unaware of it. Which shows you, how lacking our history is in this country,” 

Host Sunny Hostin also chimed in with her opinion on American education, now brimming attention to the often criticized critical race theory: “Be very vigilant when you’re hearing about [critical race theory], alleged CRT in your schools. Fight that,” she told the audience. “You have to make sure that past does not become prologue.”

However, Behar’s comment lacked any evidence or information to back it up. She did not voice concerns over any particular politics, bills, or anything that would indicate anyone has lost the right to vote.

Behar said to Guest host Lindsey Granger Wednesday, that gun laws will change in the U.S. “once Black people get guns,” while discussing congressional action on gun control legislation. Granger argued that people on both sides of the political aisle need to sit down, debate and find common ground on issues such as gun control and terrorism and “make real progress.”

“Here’s the thing, once Black people get guns in this country, the gun laws will change. Trust me.” Co-host Hostin added “That’s what happened with the Black Panthers. Know your history.”

Granger responded saying that Black people have been buying guns and that Black gun ownership increased in 2020. 

The most recent data provided by the National Firearms Survey published in July 2021 show that demographically gun ownership is pretty diverse, with 25.4 percent of firearms owned by Black people, 28.3 percent owned by Hispanics, 19.4 percent owned by Asians and the majority, 34.3 percent, owned by White people.

“Once Black people get guns in this country” is an interesting quote from Behar, with these facts showing 25 percent of guns are owned by the Black population that only makes up 13 percent of the US population.

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