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SHOCKING: NY Times Editorial Board Says ‘Cancelling Student Debt Across the Board’ is ‘a Bad Idea’

The New York Times editorial board wrote a piece about student debt, and their conclusion to the solution might surprise most readers. “Canceling student debt across the board” is a terrible idea.

“The Biden administration should spend its finite resources and political capital on fixing the higher education system to make it more affordable while helping those borrowers in the most distress. There are already ways to do this, although they have not gotten nearly enough attention or resources,” the piece insisted.

While Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez have been huge advocates for student loan forgiveness, the Democrat party has been running on this policy for years. But unfortunately, it will never be able to accomplish its goal of wiping out student loans.

Biden said in April, “I am not considering a $50,000 debt reduction, but I am in the process of taking a hard look at whether or not there will be additional debt forgiveness.”

Voters believe these politicians when they claim to be fighting against economic pressures but always come short in their promises. Young voters seem to be desperate for one party to find a solution that can benefit young Americans short term and long term.

The editors of the New York Times included, “Such a move is legally dubious, economically unsound, politically fraught and educationally problematic.”

With the mainstream media catching on to career politicians demanding policies throughout their campaigns might not work much longer. It’s evident to the American people that student loan forgiveness is essentially impossible for the American economy. So young voters are coming up with their solutions to attract the attention of the bureaucrats in Washington D.C.

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