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SHOCKING: Five Young Men Repeatedly Interrupt an Elderly Veteran’s Dinner, Bringing Him to Tears With his Wife

Lou and Annette Zezoff went to Cracker Barrel for a lovely evening in Granite City, Illinois. The 74-year-old Vietnam veteran and his wife were charmed by the incredible respect five young marines gave the elderly couple.

The two were dining at Cracker Barrel, expecting nonetheless but a comfortable evening with each other. The Vietnam veteran was wearing his “US Navy Vietnam Veteran” hat, as he did often.

When the Zezoffs entered the restaurant, they were aware of the young men on their way to sit down at their table. The young marines recognized Lou’s hat and were inspired to express their appreciation. Lou was thankful for the gesture, “I recognized them as military because of their high and tight haircuts,” he explained.

The marines walked up to the table where Lou and his wife were sitting. One by one, the marines shook the old veteran’s hand. Finally, the second lad spoke for the group, “I want to thank you for all five of us.” Both parties respectfully expressed gratitude toward one another, sharing words.

After the couple had their meal, the Zezoffs were surprised when the bill came. “This is your lucky day,” the waiter explained to the couple as they looked over at the young marines with smiles across their faces.

“Semper Fi!” and “Oorah!” were written on the receipt. Lou approached the young lads, “thank you. You don’t have to do this.” The young men insisted they pay for the couple, and the Zezoffs were flattered.

Right before they left for the evening, the Marines went up to Lou and Annette and thanked them one final time. The gesture brought Lou to tears, “They wanted me to know how much they valued me,” he said.

One of the Marines gave Lou the “sharpest salute” he’d ever seen. Lou was honored by the young men, and it will be something he will carry with him forever.

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