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Republican Party office in Florida’s Seminole county vandalized: ‘Eat s**t fascists’

The Florida Republican office in Seminole County was vandalized over the weekend. The words “Eat s—- fascists” were spray-painted on the entrance to the office, according to a photo shared by The Republican National Party chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel.

McDaniel blamed the incident on rhetoric by President Joe Biden, who recently likened conservatives’ beliefs to “semi-fascism” prior to a speech at a Democratic National Committee event in Maryland recently. “There is no place for violence in our political discourse, and the GOP will not be intimidated,” McDaniel said on Twitter.

Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nominee Rep. Charlie Crist was also targeted for blame.

“1. Crist says DeSantis supporters ‘have hate in their heart’ 2. Biden calls Republicans semi-fascist,” Florida Republicans said. “The results? Dangerous Democrat rhetoric is polarizing our country and inciting criminal behavior.”

GOP State Committeeman Jesse Phillips spoke to Fox News and said “The intimidation is shameful,” he said. “Hopefully this is the last of it.”

The White House condemned the vandalism when it was brought up during their press briefing on Tuesday. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters that the President has “always been clear that violence, vandalism, threats have no place in our society and that he always condemns such acts – as he does here in that particular case.”

Philips confirmed that the office does have cameras inside, but none on the exterior, so the suspected vandal was not captured. Phillips went on to confirm that nothing had been stolen, however the event could have a knock-on affect on the safety of staffers.

“We want the volunteers to feel safe there,” he said. “For the folks who came in, it’s a little intimidating.” He said that the front door will have to be replaced due to a separate incident, before going on to say that they intend to increase security. The police report confirmed that the estimated damage to the window and door is around $700.

The Seminole County Republican Party said on their Facebook page that, “our answer to hate, clean up and move on.”

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