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Pennsylvania Senate Race Takes a Twist as Leading Democrat Suffers Stroke and Misses Final Campaign Event

Today people will head to the polls to vote for their party nominees in the high profile Pennsylvania Senate race, but a recent surge in support for Republican nominee Kathy Barnette and Democratic frontrunner John Fetterman suffering a stroke has shaken up the primary election. 

It was reported by NBC News that Democratic frontrunner Fetterman announced Sunday that he is well and resting after suffering a stroke April 13th. Fetterman reassured his supporters saying he is “well on my way to a full recovery,” and that his “campaign isn’t slowing down one bit, and we are still on track to win this primary on Tuesday, and flip this Senate seat in November.”

While Fetterman is the leader in the Democratic primary the Republican side has been extremely competitive as Kathy Barnette has risen in support amongst her contenders Trump endorsed television doctor Mehmet Oz and former hedge fund executive David McCormick. A Fox News poll found that Barnette’s support has doubled since March and she is now tied with Oz and McCormick in the Republican primary.

David McCormick’s campaign strategist Matt Wolking of Axiom Strategies said that, “Barnette combines the inconsistency of Mehmet Oz with the cluelessness of [Vice President] Kamala Harris,” Wolking continued saying “Chuck Schumer and John Fetterman will have a field day with her past statements and drive a truckload of TV ads through the holes in her claims about her record and biography.”

Although McCormick and Oz have a greater notoriety than Barnette, the people of Pennsylvania are not yet convinced that McCormick and Oz are truly “America First” candidates. The two men have poured substantial amounts of money into their campaigns but Barnette has shown herself as a grassroots underdog with stronger ties to Pennsylvania. 

An exclusive from Fox News reported Barnette talking about her campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate as she stated, “I earnestly believe if the people of Pennsylvania knew they had a better option, they would take it and the polls are showing just that.”

The outcome of today’s primary will be extremely important to the probability of the Republican party taking control of the United States Senate come November. 

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