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MUST WATCH: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Makes Liberals RAGE with Comments on Reproduction; ‘Women Get Pregnant and Men Don’t’

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was holding a press conference on Thursday where he took the time to explain some basic biology to the woke Democrats.

Women can get pregnant. Men cannot. He emphasized in his conference in Putnam County.

“Can we actually agree that women get pregnant and not men?” he asked. “It’s just unbelievable some of the stuff that you’re hearing about that,” he added.

The entirety of the Democrat party and the Biden administration has joined woke activists to promote the false narrative that men can get pregnant too.

A very recent example of this was seen in the latest Senate Judiciary Committee hearing where a law professor from Cal-Berkeley accused Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley of being “transphobic” when Senator Hawley asked her if she believes that men can get pregnant too.


No Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee protested this “law-professor’s” claims that men can get pregnant too. Instead, they all cheered and celebrated when she accused Senator Hawley of being “transphobic”

This Thursday event was not the first time that Governor Ron DeSantis made comments that were responsible for a mass liberal outrage on the internet. Back in May, the governor in his public appearance criticized the biologically male swimmer, Lia Thomas, for competing in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship.

“You have a swimmer that swims on the men’s team for three years and then, all of a sudden, says they’re gonna identify as a woman swimmer and swim against the women,” DeSantis said.

“And then they give that the national championship over these women who’ve been training for a long time,” he added. “And the second place was actually from Florida, who had won a silver medal in the Olympics. So, she got robbed of a national championship because the NCAA is really trying to make us complicit in something that’s false.” He continued.

Gov. DeSantis was the first, and one of the very few Republican officials who has declared and honored the runner–up against Thomas, Emma Weyant as the “rightful winner”

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