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BOMBSHELL! Border Patrol Agent Who Stopped Uvalde Shooter Borrowed A Gun From His Barber, Responds To CNN’s Criticism!

Jacob Albardo, one of the heroes in the horrific elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas is credited with taking down the shooter by himself when the local law enforcement was waiting outside the school campus for almost an hour.

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“Photo of off-duty Border Patrol agent Jacob Albarado who borrowed a shotgun from his barber in the middle of a haircut and ran into the school in Uvalde with his wife and daughter inside,” reported Jack Posobiec on Twitter:

Alberto appeared on Fox News’ Ingraham Angle and talked about how he had previously attended an award ceremony at the school for his second-grade daughter. He had no idea that just hours later, he would have to encounter a tragic mass shooting and have to use his barber’s shotgun in order to save countless lives at this incident.

Alberto’s wife Trisha worked at the school as a teacher and their daughter was also one of the students trapped inside the school.

Alberto was just about to get a haircut when he received a text from his wife notifying her of an active shooter at the school. She wrote that she loved him expecting the worst outcome. He immediately jumped out and borrowed the barber’s shotgun and headed off towards the school campus.

“I was trying to get to my wife’s [class]room,” he told Laura Ingraham, but he was able to speak with her on the phone, and she confirmed that she had already made it to safety at the funeral home across the street, and, according to him, “from that point on, I went to look for my daughter.” He added.

Then, he responded to a clip of CNN host Jake Tapper who criticized the fact that Albardo was able to enter the school campus while others were held back. One mom was allegedly handcuffed by the local law enforcement for trying to enter the building to save her child.

“Once again, it was just complete chaos. Everybody was concerned for their child.” Albardo said. “Thankfully, like I said, I was off-duty. I’ve been born and raised in Uvalde for going on 42 years… I was able to get on campus. And, like I said, I wasn’t just trying to save my child: I was trying to get as many people out of there as I could.” He added.

Watch Alberto’s full interview with Laura Ingraham:

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