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MASSIVE WIN! As Texas Republicans Defeat Liberals and Win 10 of 11 Seats In Liberal County School Board Election!

In the Tarrant County Texas school board elections this past weekend 10 of the 11 conservative candidates won their race.

What makes it even better is that some of these conservative candidates are the parents of children within Tarrant County. 

As the curriculum of schools has continued to become more progressive by radically advancing the education of socialism, social justice, and sex education parents in of Tarrant County grew tired of it and mobilized to make a change. The parents connected through social media and local forums and started nominating parents within those groups to run for their local school boards.

The conservative candidates ran on the platform of remove Critical Race Theory indoctrination from curriculum and being against pornography in books that discuss LGBTQ+ issues.

The Texas Tribune reported on the elections stating:

All but one of the 11 Tarrant County conservative school board candidates, who were backed this year by several high-profile donors and big-money PACs, defeated their opponents during Saturday’s local elections, according to unofficial results. The one candidate backed by the groups who didn’t win outright advances to a runoff election in June.

The 10 candidates won the school board races for the Grapevine-Colleyville, Keller, Mansfield, and Carrol school districts.

The candidates’ sweep shows a large swath of voters across the county responded to their calls to eradicate so-called critical race theory from classrooms and remove books discussing LGTBQ issues, which concerned parents have described as “pornographic.” Education experts, school administrators and teachers all say that critical race theory, a university-level concept that examines the institutional legacies of racism, is not taught in elementary, middle, or high school classrooms.

The victories also show that the staggering amounts of money that were poured into the once low-profile and nonpartisan local races are producing their intended effect. PACs organized by parents, as well as a newly former PAC from a self-proclaimed Christian cellphone company, collectively raised over half a million dollars for the local races this year. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on top political consulting firms that bolstered an anti-CRT platform with flyers saying the candidates were “saving America.”

As progressives around the country try to insert radical curriculum into our children’s education, parents are taking a stand for what they believe in.

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