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LOOK: Hospitalized Clarence Thomas Draws Extreme Hate From Leftist Author; She ‘Wouldn’t Mind’ if it Forces him into Retirement

On Sunday, information was released that SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas was hospitalized with flu-like symptoms. According to MSNBC, “Thomas, 73, was admitted to Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, part of the Johns Hopkins Health System, on Friday night, court officials said. the left took to social media expressing their hateful feelings on his condition. “

Left wing author Ellen Hopkins reacted in a quite extreme way, saying that she was “Trying to maintain the high road” when saying she “[Doesn’t] want him to die. But wouldn’t mind if his health forced him into retirement.” 

Before she could delete the Tweet, conservative journalist and author Allie Beth Stuckey responded rightfully, “It should tell you something that your high road is still so low.”

Hopkins released one final statement, late Monday night, trying to possibly justify her cruel response:

“Last thing I’ll say on this. Until the fascist f**ks complete their power grab, this is a free country. You’re free to think Biden sucks. I’m free to think Clarence Thomas doesn’t belong on the SCOTUS. Has zero to do with color and everything to do with lack of integrity.”

While the left’s comments on Justice Thomas’ condition were ridiculous and cruel, they had no effect as the Supreme Court stated Sunday that Thomas’ condition is improving and he should be released in next few days. 

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