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Jesse Watters Suggests Someone Besides Joe Biden is “Really Running the Country Right Now”

Fox News Host Jesse Watters has never held his tongue when criticizing President Joe Biden and he just wrecked the administration suggesting that someone besides Biden is “really running the country right now.” 

On the Jesse Watters Primetime Show Watters went on a tirade saying,

“The Biden White House is reportedly terrified of the Jimmy Carter comparison and knows how a presidency consumed by crises can turn into a one-term deal but he doesn’t seem that worried about it, the Carter thing. The President just took a four-day weekend (four straight days) Friday, Saturday, Sunday, today, relaxing on the beach in Delaware.

Does this seem like someone who can fix things? The only thing Joe Biden can fix himself is a sandwich, but Biden is also seething that the White House staff won’t let him do anything. Does that sound like the leader of the free world to you? This is a powerless president who is complaining that his handlers won’t let him outside more. As if that’s going to turn things around anyway. Maybe better for us that Joe is missing in action as the president.

We can’t do any worse than we already are. Somehow the Democratic Party went from Barack Obama and, “Yes, we can” to Joe Biden and, “No, I can’t.” The left keeps running cover for Biden, but he’s running out of places to hide. They’ve shifted from “Biden is doing a great job” to “everything sucks, but there’s nothing the president can do about it.” America has problems and we need solutions, but Joe Biden clearly not the guy for that.”

Watters didn’t hold back on the President suggesting that he is out as the democratic nominee in the 2024 presidential election. 

President Biden was recently on Jimmy Kimmel Live and told him that “Oil companies, instead of everybody, says, ‘Well, Biden won’t let them drill.’ They have 9,000 drilling sites that they already own that are there. They’re not doing it… You know why? Because they make more money not drilling and buying back their own stock.”

Biden is throwing the blame on the oil companies, but Fox News Contributor Brian Brenberg said “ All these same oil companies who apparently can’t get it together now, boy, they could get it together under President Trump, couldn’t they… Because we had oil and gas flowing everywhere [under Trump]. But Biden – it’s not him! It’s not him! It must be the oil companies and their greed,” suggesting it is indeed the fault of the President.

Biden and his administration are taking shots left and right from the media and it is doing no good for the democratic party with midterms only a few months away. 

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