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INSANE: Viral Video Shows Chicago Dad Paying Almost $1K To Fill Up His RV For Family Vacation

A viral TikTok video from last week, posted by @riley.14_ is now going viral on the internet and has accumulated over 16 million views!

In this video, Riley shows her dad filling up a Prevost bus on his way to Florida.


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The video shows a gas pump filling the family’s RV with 170 gallons of fuel that cost the family a whopping $944.85.

The dad in this video told Fox News about their RV that they had purchased just before the coronavirus hit. According to him, filling up the bus in 2020 costs between $300 to $400.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen $500 and then with the prices today — it was pretty shocking … reflecting on looking at the gas pump at $944,” he said.

The gas prices have increased significantly ever since Joe Biden took office. On his first day as President, Biden signed an executive order to abolish the Keystone XL pipeline that was signed into place by former President Donald Trump.

President Trump’s ‘America First’ policies like building the Keystone XL pipeline, and many others lead America to be an energy-independent country for the first time in modern history. Gas and fuel prices were recorded the lowest in this time.

Right now, energy and fuel prices are on a record high, a complete contrast from the previous administration and the American people are experiencing it first hand.

What do you think of this TikTok video? How much does gas cost in your state right now? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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