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”I’m Not Going to Be Silenced”; Hispanic Conservative Radio Station Host is FIGHTING BACK Against Soros Backed Group Attempting to Purchase 18 Radio Stations

The prominent international businessman George Soros is backing a group trying to acquire 18 radio stations for $60 million, but one Hispanic conservative radio host is not holding her tongue and speaking out against the Soros funded media grab.  

“What I believe is this is about control and about politics,” said Conservative radio host Lourdes Ubieta Fox & Friends Weekend on Saturday. She continued “And they are trying to silence the conservatives’ voices, especially in Spanish.”

“[Democrats] are intoxicated with their globalist agenda and the woke,” said a host who left the radio station Radio Mambi. “For the Latinas, we are awake, you know, not woke. For us is the love of our country because this is our country. My country is the United States of America,” she continued, “And I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not going to be silenced either.”

Fox News reported on the potential acquisition and blowback saying:

The investment group Lakestar Finance, affiliated with Soros Fund Management, has partially funded the creation of Latino Media Network, a new network that will include Radio Mambi. The network and its stations are controlled by staunch Democrat supporters including a former Obama staffer and Clinton campaign employee. 

Media personalities and conservatives have criticized the move, with some arguing it is an attempt to silence conservative voices or push liberal agendas on the Hispanic community. 

“I believe Soros is not only trying to silence conservative voices, he’s trying to push his regurgitated nonsense from the left on Latinos, on people who are undecided, people who are not sure,” Congressional candidate George Santos, R-N.Y., told Fox News Digital.

While the deal is still waiting for FCC approval, the acquisition has sparked immense controversy with many conservatives slamming the deal as an attempt to push the liberal agenda. 

It’s no surprise there is outrage surrounding the Soros-backed attempt to “push the liberal agenda,” and it will be interesting to see how the acquisition proceeds.

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