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IGNORANCE ON FULL DISPLAY: Biden Flies In Air Force One To Deliver A 20 Minute Speech In Rhode Island About “Dangers Of Fossil Fuel”

The Biden administration’s ignorance and virtue signaling was on full display today when Joe Biden and a handful of his advisors took a quick trip to the east coast to lecture the world about climate change and the “dangers of fossil fuel”

The irony of this whole deal was they flew in a highly customized private jet that is filled with 53,611 gallons of fuel. Biden used Air Force One to travel to Rhode Island and then drove in a full-blown Presidential Motorcade to Somerset, Massachusetts in order to deliver his 20-minute speech on “climate emergency”

“Extreme weather disrupts supply chains, causing delays and shortages for consumers and businesses,” Biden preached from the closed-down coal-powered energy plant at Brayton Point, where a new wind turbine manufacturing plant is soon to be built. “Climate change is literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world.” He added.

He blamed Congress for not prioritizing climate change legislation and attacked Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin who effectively blocked the Democrats from sliding in climate change propaganda in a new spending bill.

“This is an emergency. An emergency,” Biden yelled. “I said last week, and I say it again loud and clear: as president, I’ll use my executive powers to combat climate the climate crisis in the absence of congressional action.” He threatened.

Then he went on to announce his new series of executive orders that allocate billions of dollars to his “clean energy initiatives” (without giving any second thought to inflation and recession of course) Biden’s Federal Emergency Management Agency will be spending upwards of $2.3 billion for his “Building Resilient Infrastructure Communities program”

If that seems bit much, hold for more “climate change” spending. Biden’s Department of Interior is set to propose building a massive 7,000 acres worth of wind farm in the Gulf of Mexico, among other initiatives.

When it comes to virtue signaling and lecturing everyday working-class people about climate change, Biden is no different than his “climate czar” John Kerry who often travels in private jets to receive awards for his climate change activism.

Biden made sure to thank Kerry in this speech for the “great job, leading our international Special Presidential Envoy on Climate, traveling the world, and talking with an awful lot of people, and talking them into moving more of they’ve been doing.”

This shows how ignorant Joe Biden and his team are as just yesterday, Fox News reported about Kerry’s private jet spending. In this report, FNC reveals that Kerry’s personal private jet has expelled 715,886 pounds, or 325 metric tons, of carbon since Biden took office.

Just before Biden’s speech today, Alaska Republican Senator Dan Sullivan called Biden to fire John Kerry “Smug, hypocritical, hammering middle-class families, and now this: John Kerry is one of the single biggest polluters & GHG emitters in the world. Once again, I call for him to resign.” Sen. Sullivan tweeted.

“The best thing President Biden could do to help the climate is to ground John Kerry’s private plane.” Sen. Sullivan added in a separate Tweet.

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