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HUGE WIN: San Francisco VOTES OUT City’s Far-Left Radical District Attorney By Overwhelming Majority. Other Progressive DAs From Across The Country Now Concerned!

San Fransisco voters on Tuesday voted in an overwhelming majority to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin who was one of the most progressive and far-left prosecutors in the country.

Boudin was dreaming of reforming the criminal justice system of San Francisco. He ended the prosecution of minors as adults, lowered the jail population drastically, citing COVID-19 concerns, and also became the first San Francisco DA to file homicide charges against the city’s law enforcement officials.

Just before the election, he ensured pushing more radical policies and told his supporters that he is “just getting started” with his criminal justice reform.

“We have two cities. We have two systems of justice. We have one for the wealthy and the well-connected and a different one for everybody else. And that’s exactly what we are fighting to change,” he said.

“We know that this is a system that has systematically failed us, not just for decades, but for generations.” He concluded.

San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed will now choose Boudin’s replacement. And her nominee will be running in the general election to fill the remaining of Boudin’s term throughout 2023.

Leaders of various recall campaigns in San Francisco claimed that Boudin was very soft on crimes, and his far-left radical policies were putting residents and their families at risk.

“The voters also didn’t fall for Chesa’s misleading claims that the recall was a con or part of some national Republican-led effort.” recall campaign chair Mary Jung said in a victory speech. Assuring that this recall was a bipartisan effort.

Hate crimes against Asian-American families increased dramatically throughout 2021. Crimes like car break-ins and smash-and-grab robberies at major retail stores also rose drastically thanks to Boudin’s policies.

This successful recall campaign in San Francisco is a warning for other major far-left radical prosecutors across the country. For example, Los Angeles DA George Gascon is also about to be thrown out as a petition for a recall is nearing the required threshold.

“George Gascón, you’re next,” Los Angeles Democrat Sheriff Alex Villanueva said while referencing the San Francisco recall. This claim received overwhelming support from the live audience that Villanueva was addressing.

What do you make of this recall? Do you think it was appropriate to replace the progressive, and far-left radical prosecutor? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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