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MASSIVE LOSS FOR BIDEN! A Federal Judge Just Blocked Biden’s Unconstitutional Attempt To End Trump-Era Title 42 Policy!

Last Friday, Joe Biden’s ploy to eliminate the border policy Title 42 was halted by a federal judge.

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “The Administration disagrees with the court’s ruling, and the Department of Justice has announced that it will appeal this decision.”

Title 42 is a Trump-era border management policy that expels migrants removed from the border where a communicable disease was present. As the pandemic fear porn has come to an end.

There should be no surprise to the Biden Administration over the ruling. But, of course, the White House must pander to the migrants who can vote in sanctuary series each election cycle.

The White House came out with its statement hours after the ruling. A Louisiana Federal judge, Robert Summerhays, granted the preliminary injunction. A group of Republican state attorney generals opposed the rollback, most of whom share the southern border as their own.

It was clear to Summerhays that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bypassed the public interests, which led to the decision to rescind Title 42.

“Despite the impact of the order on the states, they were not able to protect their interest by participating in the notice-and- comment process,” Summerhays argued.

Jean-Pierre added, “The authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the Centers for Disease Control, not with a single district court. However, in compliance with the court’s injuction, the Biden Administration will continue to enforce CDC’s 2020 Title 42 public health authority pending the appeal.”

Migrants who cross the border unlawfully will be subject to immigration consequences under Title 8, in which removal is possible.

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