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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Leads Wisconsin GOP Poll For Possible 2024 Republican Presidential Candidates, Defeating GOP Elites; Trump, Pence And Cruz

At a Wisconsin GOP convention, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was the leading candidate for the GOP presidential nomination in a straw poll for the attendees.

The poll was conducted by this past weekend:

Ron DeSantis – 38%
Donald Trump – 32%
Nikki Haley – 7%
Mike Pence – 2.5%
Ted Cruz – 2.5%
Rand Paul – 2.5%

The Florida governor produces strong policies, and passing bills through the state legislature has shined upon the Republican base nationwide.

With heavy GOP hitters up in Washington D.C., Republicans seem to want a candidate who isn’t tainted with the menacing in the nation’s capital.

Florida and Wisconsin have nothing to do with each other. However, the equivocal appeal is exhausting for Americans, and it seems Republicans want someone who fights for constitutional rights and doesn’t play politics.

This upcoming November, Governor DeSantis is running in the gubernatorial race and is pulverizing his Democratic opponents. Coming in deep second, former Florida governor Charlie Crist is behind by a staggering 16 points.

Florida has had highly close gubernatorial elections over the past three election cycles. In 2010, GOP Rick Scott defeated Alex Sink, 49%-48%. Scott won again in 2014 against Charlie Crist, 48%-47%.

In 2018, DeSantis pinched a win in the Florida gubernatorial race over Democrat Andrew Gillum by .4%. With over 8.2 million votes cast, DeSantis reeled in 40,000 more votes.

The polls point differential for the Florida gubernatorial race is notable due to past elections for Governor. Democrats have been within reach of the Governor for over a decade now, and hope to turn the state’s head office blue is years away.

President Donald Trump turned the state of Wisconsin red in 2016 in a presidential election for the first time since 1984. The voter turnout for eligible voters was only 66%, the lowest since 1966.

The attendees were asked if they would like to see former President Trump run again in 2024; 43% yes; 31% no; 22% undecided.

With the grand opening of his new app Truth Social, it seems evident that the MAGA King will undoubtedly run again.

The question if Ron DeSantis can satisfy most Republicans across the country and run for the GOP candidate is up in the air as he hopes to stay in his office at the state capital in Tallahassee, Florida.

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