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BREAKING: West Point Graduates and Officers Sign Letter Arguing That Biden Defense Department Is Violating Army Regulations

A group of retired U.S. military officials signed a letter drafted by “Concerned Graduates of West Point and The Long Gray Line,” objecting to mandatory vaccinations, and other far-left radical ideologies being introduced in the U.S. military. The letter outlines concerning issues like the introduction of gender theory, and critical race theory in the military.

“We wanted to challenge the leadership of the Academy and the Defense Dept on their WOKE actions, CRT, Diversity training and the other discrepancies in the Academy,” retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely told the Epoch Times.

“We found it pervasive at the Naval and Air Force Academies so we knew it was directed from the highest levels of our Military Leadership. We all want the Military to get back on track to training and leading our Armed Forces to secure America and it’s Citizens,” he added.

The letter, titled, “Declaration of Betrayal of West Point And the Long Gray Line,” seeks information on the Department Of Defense’s decision to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for cadets. It also outlines concerns over the military introducing Critical Race Theory in its curriculum at West Point.

The military has recently started accepting civilian faculty members to promote political and cultural activism in the military. The letter argues that this violates a “long-standing policy of the Academy and Army Regulations”

It further questions West Point’s “exclusive reliance upon radical progressive guest speakers to address the Corps of Cadets.”

“This practice results in prejudiced political activism on the part of the Staff and Faculty in violation of Army Regulation,” the letter reads.

The letter is signed by three retired U.S. military officers—LTG Thomas McInerney, USAF; MG Paul Vallely, U.S. Army; and Colonel Andrew O’Meara Jr., U.S. Army.

The letter was sent to the Superintendent of the Academy as well as the President and Directors of the Association of Graduates (AOG), alleging that the West Point Academy is “conducting business in a manner that ignores time-honored principles of the Academy, Constitutional Law, and our sworn oath of office.”

“When you take away to teach a critical race theory and communist ideology, you’re taking away from the time that could be used for learning how to shoot better, how to operate airplanes better, take care of airplanes through maintenance; and even within the medical corps of the armed forces, it has affected many the doctors and nurses. So it’s a terrible thing. They need to stop it right now. They need to stop enforcing the mandates,” MG Paul Vallely recently told The Epoch Times.

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