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BREAKING: Virginia Gun Owners FIGHT for the 2nd Amendment Announcing a Lawsuit Against the District of Columbia for Enforcing Unconstitutional Concealed Carry Policies

Multiple D.C. and Virginia residents are now suing the District of Columbia over its unconstitutional ban on the concealed carry of handguns on Metrorail and metro buses within the city.

The lawsuit filed by four plaintiffs, say that “many of the existing restrictions in D.C. on where concealed handguns can be carried — they include schools, universities, government buildings, stadiums, bars and restaurants, and more — are likely justifiable and constitutional, but the ban on carrying while on public transportation is not,” according to the DCist.

“There is not a tradition or history of prohibitions of carrying firearms on public transportation vehicles,” reads the lawsuit. “Public transportation systems did not exist as they do today at the founding of the nation. However, there was plainly a tradition of firearms carry when citizens traveled from their homes. In modern parlance, Americans carried arms to prevent their gatherings from becoming soft targets,” the lawsuit alleges.

This comes after the Supreme Court ruled in a 6-3 decision to overturn New York state’s unconstitutional ban on concealed carrying of firearms. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen was a historic decision last month. SCOTUS Associate Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the court opinion “The Second Amendment is the very product of an interest balancing by the people” and it “surely elevates above all other interests the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to
use arms” for self-defense.”

Justice Thomas argued that jurisdictions can still prohibit the carrying of firearms in “sensitive places” like government buildings, courthouses, and polling places. But “expanding the category of ‘sensitive places’ simply to all places of public congregation that are not isolated from law enforcement defines the category of ‘sensitive places’ far too broadly.”

In this D.C. lawsuit, the four plaintiffs argue that public transportation should not be considered a sensitive place where the government can prohibit the carrying of firearms.

“The broad consensus of states regulate schools, courthouses, and most government buildings as sensitive locations” the lawsuit states. “Hospitals, polling stations, colleges and universities, sports stadia and events, and certain outdoor recreational locations are often treated as sensitive locations as well. But there does not appear a tradition to treat public transportation facilities as sensitive.”

What do you make of this lawsuit? Do you believe people should be allowed to carry firearms in public transport? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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