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BREAKING: Unvaccinated Firefighters Announce $171M Lawsuit for Wrongful Termination Over Non-Compliance with Employer’s Vaccine Mandates

A group of firefighters from the King County, Washington who lost their jobs for not complying with the state’s vaccine mandate are now filing a lawsuit against their employer for wrongful termination.

At least 10 former firefighters are part of this lawsuit and they are seeking more than $171 million in damages from Eastside Fire & Rescue.

Rocky Martinez, is one of the most notable firefighters who lost his job for not complying with the department’s tyrannical vaccine mandate. Martinez later plead his case requesting religious exemption but was only disappointed to find out that the set and his employer won’t offer religious exemption.

Martinez says that he felt betrayed by his agency, the employer that he devoted years of service and sacrifice.

“It hurts when I see a unit going by. I should be doing that,” Martinez told FOX 13 location news.

Martinez’s suit alone is seeking more than $15 million in damages.

During a board meeting of the Eastside Fire and Rescue, more firefighters “pleaded their case, saying they would rather stay with the department and work,” According to Fox 13.

“All we want to do is come back. This is not just a job for us that we’ve put years for training in– it’s a calling,” said former captain Frank Dahlquist said.

Many other members of the community pleaded in support of the firefighters in this case. Michael Butcher, a community member requested the agency to get rid of the tyrannical mandates.

“COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate. Discrimination in employment is illegal. We all have equal opportunity to get it– no reason to discriminate anybody on their status,” Butcher said.

The fire chief of this agency said in a statement, “prioritizing health and safety for the community abiding by the governor’s vaccine mandate” – according to the chief, the agency is also cooperating with investigators from the equal employment opportunity commission.

Hundreds of trained and experienced firefighters in King County requested religious and/or religious exemption from the mandates imposed by the state’s Democrat Governor Jay Inslee. Most of these firefighters were not given any sort of exemption and were fired for not complying with the rule.

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