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BREAKING: The State of South Carolina Has Just Banned Transgenders From Playing School Sports That Don’t Match Gender At Birth

Forty-fifth President Donald Trump endorsed South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed the “Save Women’s Sports Act” this week which bans transgender “athletes” from playing school sports that don’t match the gender they were born at birth.

“The ‘Save Women’s Sports Act’ first cleared the state’s House of Representatives last month after the Republican majority outlasted an estimated 1,000 amendments to the bill put forward by Democrats seeking to stall it. It passed the Republican-controlled Senate earlier this month,” Reuters reports.

“The measure signed into law by McMaster on Monday bars transgender girls and women from female sports teams in public elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges, as well as private school teams that compete against public schools,” Reuters adds.

“The law was amended in the Senate to prohibit transgender boys and young men from competing on male school sports teams, ‘unless no team designated for females in that sport is offered at the school in which the student is enrolled.'” Reuters added.

NPR reports, “Supporters of a ban warn that in a rapidly changing society transgender girls would have an unfair biological advantage from having been born stronger males. They suggest girl winners’ podiums and MVP awards could be taken over by transgender athletes to the detriment of sports in places like South Carolina where it is a vital part of school life.”

“South Carolina is the latest place to join a growing group of mostly conservative states requiring transgender students to compete with the gender listed on their birth certificates. Governors in Oklahoma and Arizona signed their laws at the end of March and Tennessee’s governor signed a bill earlier this month,” NPR added.

“The lawyer for conservative Christian legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom said girls deserve to compete on a level playing field. ‘We welcome South Carolina to the growing number of states that have acted to preserve fair competition for all females, whether in grade school or college. When the law ignores biological differences, it’s women and girls who bear the brunt of the harm,’ alliance attorney Christiana Kiefer said in a statement,” NPR reported.

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