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BREAKING: Texas Police Makes Shocking Admission, Gunman ‘Walked in Unobstructed’ And Cops Waited More Than An Hour for Tactical Team To Arrive!

The Regional Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, Victor Escalon hosted a press conference in Uvalde on Thursday where he addressed some disturbing claims brought forward by concerned parents in Uvalde.

According to parents, police officers waited for over an hour outside the school campus as the shooter was massacring innocent kids and teachers inside the building where 19 children and two teachers, unfortunately, lost their innocent lives.

“We want to know what happened, recreate the scene,” Escalon said addressing these claims. “That takes time.” He added.

Escalon also talked about one thing that he claims did NOT happen:

“It was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. Not accurate. He walked in unobstructed initially.” He said.

“So, from the grandmother’s house to the bar ditch to the school, into the school, he was not confronted by anybody, to clear the record on that. Four minutes later, law enforcement are coming in to solve this problem.” He added.

Those officers took gunfire, and waited for reinforcements — for an hour, Escalon claimed in this press conference. He also added that the gunman started shooting at the school before he walked in through an unlocked back door. Where no security official was present.

Escalon noted that there was no officer, “readily available, armed” to confront the gunman as he approached and entered the school.

A reporter asked Escalon about the 12-minute gap between the time the gunman crashed his truck (11:28) to when he entered the school (11:40). “What happened in that 12 minutes?”

“So, you got to understand, 11:30 is the information we have at this point that we can confirm. At 11:30 a.m., we got a crash and a man with a gun. And then you have responding officers.

“That’s what it is. If it’s 12 minutes, from 11:30 to 11:40 — that’s the information we have right now. Look at the end of the day, our job is to report the facts and have those answers. We’re not there yet.”

“Could anybody have got there sooner?” Escalon said later. “You got to understand, small town. You had people from Eagle Pass, from Del Rio, Laredo, San Antonio, responding to a small community.”

When the reporter pressed, “Should the officers have gone in sooner? Should they have waited for the tactical team?”

“That’s a tough question. That’s a tough question,” Escalon responded. “Again, it goes back, our job is to report the facts. Report the facts and later we can answer those questions. I don’t have enough information to answer that question just yet.” he added.

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