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BREAKING: Special Olympics Removes “Vaccine Passport” Mandate For Athletes After Governor DeSantis Threatens $27 Million Fine!

The 2022 Special Olympics games held in Florida will no longer require athletes to get vaccinated after the state’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis threatened the organization with a massive $27.5 million fine.

The state of Florida has a ban on mandating “vaccine passports” however, the event was trying to sneak this tyrannical policy in and bypass the state law. Governor DeSantis argued in a press conference that “this is not the right thing to do” and made a decision to hit the organization with a massive fine.

“Your rights or your freedoms should not be circumscribed by your decision to take or not to take a COVID vaccine,” Gov. DeSantis said. “That was inappropriate. At the end of the day, our view was there has to be choice in this regard.” He added.

Many liberal activists and mainstream media publications got outraged over this decision and began spreading fake news and accused Governor DeSantis of “tyranny” the very same thing they are practicing with vaccine passports. (Irony anyone?)

“It’s not a matter of being ‘threatened’ with anything. Florida has laws, and nobody is above the law. Special Olympics International was in violation of Florida’s law banning vaccine passports, which was signed by Gov. DeSantis last year. The Florida Department of Health enforces this law, and they had sent a letter to Special Olympics International yesterday,” Christina Pushaw, Governor DeSantis’ press secretary told the Washington Examiner.

The process is “so unnecessary” and “totally ridiculous” governor DeSantis says. Pointing out the fact that there were almost no religious exemptions provided on this policy and the only person offered an exemption was a kid from Kansas who was suffering from Down syndrome and allegedly had to deal with seizures from his first dose of the COVID vaccine.

A Special Olympics press release announces that attendees who were registered but were unable to participate because of being unvaccinated and/or being able to provide a “proof of vaccination” will now be able to allowed in without any tyrannical questioning.

“Delegates who were registered for the Games but were unable to participate due to the prior vaccine requirement, now have the option to attend. SOl, Special Olympics North America, and the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games Local Organizing Committee will make best efforts to accommodate eligible individuals. For 54 years, Special Olympics has been brave in the attempt. We don’t want to fight. We want to play.” The Special Olympics Press Release reads.

What do you make of this decision by the Special Olympics and Governor DeSantis? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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