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BREAKING: President Biden Gets Heckled at Celebration of ‘Bipartisan’ Gun Control Bill; Father of Parkland Shooting Victim BLASTS the Bill in Viral Rant

The Biden administration held an event at the White House on Monday. Some prominent attendees were Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and members of Congress including Republicans like Texas Senator John Cornyn. The event was to celebrate the “bipartisan” gun control bill that was passed just recently.

This event took an awkward turn when a guest in attendance, invited by the White House stood up to express his frustration with the bill. CBS News has identified this guest as Manuel Oliver, who is the father of a Parkland shooting victim.

Biden was taken by surprise by this heckler inside the White House. He momentarily paused his speech and asked his aids that the guest be allowed to speak. But right after that, Biden continued his speech without letting the guest speak.

Then, Biden just being Biden, got the date of the horrific Parkland shooting wrong by a whole century. Watch:

This heckling is a surprise and speaks a ton to the competency of the Biden staffers. This celebration of the “bipartisan” gun control bill was an invite-only event and only people approved by the White House staff were allowed to attend. But somehow, a brave and courageous father managed to get his way inside.

Oliver’s frustration at this event is justifiable given Biden’s continuous virtue signaling at the gun control community. The president remarked that he is “determined” to get more legislation through congress that calls for an “assault weapons” ban.

He also thanked the two Republicans who supported this bill to further support the Democrats’ gun control agenda. Republican Senators John Cornyn (TX) and Tohm Tillis (NC) supported Democrats in the Senate to support this unconstitutional bill. “I hope I don’t get you in trouble mentioning your name,” Biden said while addressing these RINOs.

What do you make of this event? Do you believe Manuel Oliver’s act of hackling Joe Biden at the White House was justified? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments!

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