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BREAKING: Ohio Governor Mike DeWine Signs Bill Permitting Public School Employees To Be Armed During School Hours

Ohio GOP Governor Mike DeWine has signed legislation that authorizes public school employees to carry while on the job this upcoming fall.

After the Robb Elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, the Republican Governor felt like it was necessary to get legislation passed swiftly to protect those in public schools from these satanic tragedies.

Governor DeWine said, “Ultimately, each school will make its own decision. So we’re not telling any school district – we have over 600 school districts in the state – the school board of that school will decide whether they want to arm teachers or not.”

He continued, “We will also be giving schools the choice of providing additional training, that we will stake out and provide for if they decide that they want more than 24 hours for a teacher.”

The Republican majority state legislature makes the bill signed into law clear. After that, each school board for their district will decide to arm their public school employees and if they want to provide additional training to those employees who choose to carry.

The Blaze reported, “The Associated Press reported that Ohio Democrats opposed the legislation despite it being optional for schools. Ohio Democrats argued that passing and signing the bill into law sends the wrong message in the wake of Uvalde, Texas massacre in which a lone gunman killed 19 school children and two teachers.”

“Despite Democratic opposition, the Republican majority in the state’s legislature insisted that the measure could prevent future tragedies like the one in Uvalde. State lawmakers subsequently fast-tracked the legislation to counter the impact of a court ruling that said, under current state law, armed school workers would need hundreds of hours of training to be permitted to carry a firearm while on the clock. The statehouse News Bureau, a regional Ohio-based media outlet, reported that the new legislation reduces the amount of training for school personnel to 24 hours from 700,” they added.

The drastic difference in the number of hours trained from 700 to 24 is staggering. Reducing the amount needed for training by over 96% will incentivize teachers across the state to stake the training course to be armed during school hours.

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