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BREAKING: Nick Sandmann’s Lawyers SECRETLY Meet up with Kyle Rittenhouse’s Legal Team; Announce Plan for Major Defamation Lawsuits In The Coming Months

Former Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann’s attorney has now joined Kyle Rittenhouse’s legal team as they are set to begin filing defamation lawsuits against mainstream media outlets.

Todd McMurtry, the attorney for Sandmann and now Rittenhouse told Fox News that he will be leading the effort of filing lawsuits against news outlets. He estimates 10 to 15 cases against “large defendants”

“I’ve been hired to head the effort to determine whom to sue, when to sue, where to sue,” McMurtry told Fox News. “We’re going to look at everything that’s been said, determine which of those comments are legally actionable and proceed from there.” He added.

Last year, Rittenhouse was acquitted of all five charges against him. McMurtry hinted that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be at the “top” of the “list” in a series of lawsuits as his platform labeled the Kenosha shootings a “mass murder” event, which the lawyer said is “factually false,” according to the Fox News report.

“Let’s just use for an example what Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg said about [Rittenhouse]. They said that he was involved in a mass murder incident,” McMurtry said. “This was not a mass murder incident. It was clearly factually false. To call somebody a mass murderer is seriously defamatory. And then to use the power of social media to basically … censor any views that would take opposition to that mass murderer statement is a serious effort to destroy his character. And it was seriously mistaken and seriously defamatory.”

Rittenhouse, who had announced the launch of his “Media Accountability Project” back in February aimed to sue media organizations, politicians, and public figures for falsely defaming him as a “white supremacist” and claiming that he “illegal crossed state lines with a firearm” Back in February, Rittenhouse told Fox News Host Tucker Carlson that some of the lawsuits would be targeted at NBA star LeBron James, and The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg who asserted that Rittenhouse had “murdered” one of his shooters, Joseph Rosenbaum.

McMurtry has represented Nick Sandmann in his defamation case against at least six media outlets. Out of which he has won cases against The Washington Post, CNN, and NBC.

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