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BREAKING! Gov. of Missouri Mike Parson Enacts Law Requiring Voters to Present a Photo ID Prior to Voting in November Midterm Elections

Governor of Missouri Mike Parson recently signed a law that will require voters in the state to present a valid photo ID in order to cast a ballot in the upcoming November midterm elections. For nearly 20 years Republicans in the state have pushed for stricter voter requirements. The law will take effect on August 28th, a few weeks after Missouri’s primaries on August 2nd.

The Kansas City Star reported that “The sweeping new law, sponsored by Rep. John Simmons, a Washington Republican, prohibits touchscreen voting machines after 2024 and allows the Missouri secretary of state to audit voter rolls. It also gets rid of presidential primaries in Missouri — replacing them with a series of caucuses — and gives voters a two-week period to cast absentee ballots without an excuse.”

In 2020 the Supreme Court of Missouri denied the passing of a law that would have required voters without photo ID to sign a sworn statement stating that they are not in possession of “a form of personal identification approved for voting.”

Democrats across the state are infuriated by the new legislation arguing that the new photo ID regulations would restrict the ability of seniors and minorities who don’t have any form of photo ID. 

University City Democrat Rep. Joe Adams last month said “People have fought and died for this right to vote. This bill is an attempt to restrict their participation in the process.”

Governor Parson gave his reasoning for the new law saying “In 2020 and years prior, Missouri has conducted free, fair, and secure elections, but with changing technologies and new emerging threats, we want to ensure they remain that way.”

As November midterm elections approach many states are looking to crack down on voting regulations in hopes of strengthening voter integrity and ensuring a fair election. 

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