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BREAKING: Elon Musk Just Made HUGE Changes to Tesla by Cutting ‘Woke’ Diversity Jobs;  ‘Unless it is Stopped, the Woke Mind Virus Will Destroy Civilization and Humanity Will Never Reach Mars’

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently announced that he intends on laying off about ten percent of the Tesla workforce due to having a “super bad feeling” about the American economy. He views the Tesla workforce as being “overstaffed” and to avoid financial problems needs to be cut down.

Reuters reported on the situation saying, “Musk said Tesla will be reducing salaried headcount by 10%, as it has become “overstaffed in many areas.” But “hourly headcount will increase. Note, this does not apply to anyone actually building cars, battery packs or installing solar”

The bulk of the employees that were let go were in a part of the diversity and inclusivity programs of Tesla.

Electrek reported on the layoffs saying:

Now we learn that many employees involved in diversity and inclusivity programs were part of the layoffs – including the president of Tesla’s LGBTQ+ community – and a lead involved in diversity and inclusivity programs at the company.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Bobby Berretta-Paris, a five-year Tesla veteran, was let go last week. He was hired as a recruiter and promoted three times during his tenure. He was also the volunteer president of LGBTQ+ at Tesla.

These changes at Tesla come after Jesse Powell, the CEO and founder of cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, told the Fox Business Network that any “woke” employees who stay with his company “will be managed out the hard way” because he doesn’t “tolerate that kind of behavior.”

Powell offered them four months’ pay to leave the cryptocurrency company. He told Fox News that around 30 employees took the offer out of more than 3,000 staff members. “There was a huge amount of support for this move, a huge amount of support for the company’s culture and mission and the reinforcement of those,” said Powell.

It seems that some leaders in the tech industry are taking a stand against the ‘woke’ movement and it will be interesting to see the public response to Musk’s recent changes to Tesla.

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