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BREAKING! Brave School Resource Officer Defends Elementary School Children Shooting Man Who Tried to Break into Alabama Elementary School!

Alabama police have shot and killed a potential intruder who attempted to enter the Walnut Park Elementary School that was holding summer programs on Thursday morning.

According to Gadsden City Schools Superintendent Tony Reddick, The potential suspect has been identified as 32-year-old Robert White who allegedly attempted to open multiple school doors that were thankfully locked.

Reddick remarks that the school principal saw the attempted break in and alerted the school resource officer who later confronted White.

White then went on to attempt another break into a Rainbow City police department car. Officers from the Gadsden Police Department were also called to assist the local law enforcement agency.

While being confronted, White attempted to get a hold of the resource officer’s gun, and in the process was fatally shot, and later pronounced dead.

During this incident, the school was out for summer but a total of 34 children were inside attending summer literacy classes.

Reddick notes that the resource officer sustained minor injuries and no students were hurt. “Our primary concern was just making sure that someone who wasn’t authorized to be in our building does not enter and our kids are safe,” he said.

Alabama Republican Governor Kay Ivey praised the school resource officer and staff for their quick response to the situation.

“When a situation ensued outside of Walnut Park School in Gadsden today, SROs immediately took action, faculty inside the building followed safety protocols and all children present were kept out of harm’s way.” She tweeted. “I commend all involved for acting quickly to protect these children.” She added.

What do you make of this incident? Do you think that the school resource officer’s actions were justified in this case? Share your thoughts in our comments below!

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