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YIKES! Arizona School Teacher Arrested After Organizing ‘The First Drag Show’ and Having Sex With 15-Year Old Student!

The Tucson Police Department has recently arrested the former Arizona high school counselor who infamously helped students with organizing a drag show in the high school. According to the police department, this counselor is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The Child Sexual Assault Unit of the Tucson P.D. received a complaint regarding an inappropriate relationship between this 29-year-old (at the time) counselor and a 15-year-old student at Tucson High Magnet School. Authorities immediately launched an investigation into these claims.

“On May 4th, 2022, detectives from the Tucson Police Department Sexual Assault Unit informed the administration of Tucson High Magnet School of an ongoing investigation into one of its counselors, Zobella Brazil Vinik,” a statement from Tucson Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Gabriel Trujillo read. “The administration was informed of an alleged inappropriate relationship between the counselor and a 15-year-old student from Tucson High.” The statement continues.

The school district immediately put this counselor on administrative leave starting May 5 and started its own investigation into these flames.

After being put on administrative leave, the counselor resigned from her position at Tucson Unified School District and turned herself into the police on May 11 for these charges.

She was charged with one count of sexual misconduct with a minor and was booked in the Prima County Jail.

According to a report from Tucson’s local NBC affiliate station, KVOA, “TPD said Vinik’s ex-wife told law enforcement officials that the couple have been allowing the 15-year-old to live with them in their home. She reported that the 29-year-old and the 15-year-old have been co-sleeping together and she recently found Vinik’s ‘underwear hidden under a pillow on the bed’ the student had been sleeping in.”

The police obtained a search warrant on this suspect’s phone that revealed: “inappropriate messages between the two that supports a sexual/romantic relationship.”

Before her role as a counselor, this suspect was in-charge of the high school “Q Space” program. According to the school administrators, this is a “space students will learn about LGBTQIA+ history, create community, and engage in individual and group work exploring identity and collaborating to discover community care and joy.”

“The counselors created an Instagram page for the drag show, which followed one other account, THMS counseling, which followed the account in return along with the THMS yearbook account. The counselors also invited students to access a “drag inquiry form” using their Microsoft Office student account,” according to a report from the AZ Free Press.

This counselor was responsible for creating “the first ever drag show at the high school”

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