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BOMBSHELL: Republican Senators Drop Never Before Seen Documents Of Hunter Biden Receiving Money From Chinese Energy Company!

The New York Times in a sneaky attempt quietly admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story that they completely ignored and discredited for years is now true.

Republican Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson released receipts that expose Hunter Biden to receiving payments from foreign oligarchs revealing “the extent to which President Biden might be — and almost certainly is — compromised.”

According to these documents, Chinese energy company CEFC which has ties to the Chinese Government paid Wells Fargo Clearing Services a whopping $100,000 and designated “further credit to Owasco,” which is Hunter Biden’s firm.

“There’s no middle man in this transaction. This is $100,000 from what is effectively an arm of the communist Chinese government direct to Hunter Biden. To the liberal media and my Democratic colleagues: Is this official bank document Russian disinformation?” Senator Grassley said on Monday on the Senate floor.

“Bank records like this piece of evidence are pretty hard to deny and sweep under the rug. Our reports were chocked full of irrefutable evidence like this. And yet, the media buried those details, in an attempt to keep it hidden from the American people,” Senator Johnson said in his testimony.

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