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BOMBSHELL: Florida Is Officially Red And The Democrats Lose Another State, Ron DeSantis Is Credited For Influx of Republican Voters

The Democratic party just received more bad news ahead of the 2022 November midterm elections as the Republican party has officially taken over and made Florida a red state. 

The executive director of Republican Party of Florida Helen Aguirre Ferré called this “a milestone moment in Florida’s history”

For many years Florida has been considered a battleground state for elections but it seems that the state has seen a transition to being more conservative. 

Data from Florida Department of State shows that there are 5,142,002 registered Republicans in the state compared to Democrats 5,007,590. With those numbers Republicans have 134,412 more registered to their party than Democrats.

The longtime Florida Democratic strategist Steve Schale is warning Democrats of the trouble they may see going forward.

Schale posted on his blog that “Without a full-frontal, professional and accountable partisan effort to turn it around, sometime before the end of this year, there will be more Republicans registered in Florida than Democrats.” He continued stating “That has NEVER happened before. And, given their voters have higher turnout scores — this isn’t a great place to start.”

It isn’t only Schale that is worried about the future of the Democratic party as an op-ed from the Tallahassee Democrat stated, “Gov. DeSantis is extremely popular among Republicans. There is fear among many Florida Democrats that the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Governors Association, and national donors will simply write off Florida as a red state. The question that must be addressed is what, if anything, can the Democrats do in Florida?”

Republicans aren’t slowing down after making Florida a red state, in fact GOP State Chair Joe Gruters said, “We are going to flip Florida and we’re going to make Florida red permanently.”

While the Democratic party in Florida is worried about their future in the state, Republicans are pushing the throttle even further to keep the red wave going. 

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