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BIG TROUBLE FOR BIDEN: New Poll Reveals Historic Low Approval Ratings In Key Battleground States

A latest *Civiqs* poll on Monday revealed all-time low approval ratings for President Joe Biden, nationwide, especially in key battleground states.

Revealing a whopping 66% of independents now disapproving of Biden’s job as President so far with only 24 percent approving.

This has led to a huge hope for the Republican base in key battleground states where GOP is expected to defeat Democrats in the upcoming mid-term elections in November.

Some states, like Georgia, where President Trump lost to Joe Biden with less than a half a percent, are now polling in favor of Republicans. With only 32% of registered voters approving of Biden and a whopping 58% disapproving. This factor could also have a big impact on congressional races and state and local races like that of Governors and Mayors.

In another key battleground state, Arizona which President Trump lost by just over 10k votes in the 2020 election, Biden’s approval ratings are hysterically low right now with only 35% approvals and a whopping 58% disapprovals.

A similar pattern is seen in Nevada, with 35% approval and 58% disapproval ratings.

A slightly larger gap was seen in Michigan, with 35% approval and 57% disapproval ratings. Many experts are predicting that this will have a massive influence in the gubernatorial race and the incumbent Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer would be defeated by her Republican challenger, James Craig, who is a strong supporter of conservative values.

Similarly, in Pennsylvania, only 35% are currently approving of Biden with 57% disapproving.

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