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BADASS Texas Grandmother Finds Armed Robbers in Her Home and Meets Them With IMMEDIATE JUSTICE

During a home invasion in Katy, Texas intruders broke into a residence occupied by a 60 year-old woman. When she heard the men breaking into her home she was terrified, but ready to defend herself as she fired shots on the intruders sending them fleeing from her residence. 

On July 31st, 2017 a 60 year-old woman was home alone when she heard two armed men breaking into her house. She went to the garage to check out the ruckus and found the two armed men preparing to raid her house. This is when the intruder’s situation took a rightful turn for the worst. The grandma was armed and opened fire on the two thugs forcing them to retreat from her home.

According to a local news outlet ABC13, “They were both carrying firearms,” and the grandma “confronted both suspects, pulled a firearm, and shot numerous times at both subjects.” 

One of the intruders was shot multiple times and barely made into the front yard before collapsing from blood loss. 

According to Harris County’s Sheriff Department the man died on the scene and a gun was discovered near the body of the intruder who was shot and killed. His accomplice is believed to have jumped over a fence to flee the scene, but investigators are unsure if he had been harmed by the gunfire and is still on the loose.

A neighbor of the victim, Catherine Hanks, was interviewed by local press about the horrifying situation and said, “It’s simply that, in the state of Texas, if you get on someone’s property, you’re going to get shot. That’s simply the way we are, that’s Texas.” 

A Texas grandma was faced with a terrifying situation and stood up to the lawless thugs that thought her home was an easy target. Once again it is shown why the 2nd Amendment is so important to the people of this country.

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